Music | Brandjes


An ode to my father, set to music by the fabulous Leslie Lopez, Vincent Kruger and Peter Janssen. Named after initiator René Brandjes, this band headlined the Kofferbak sessions in Amsterdam for a couple of years before taking early retirement.


Music | Flanders Fields


Flanders Fields is an Amsterdam-based band that started as an excuse to have dinner together four times a year, preceded by a three-hour jamming session. After ten years, Hans Kuykens (guitar), Roland Knoppe (bass), Robert Jan Koelman (drums) and Richard de Nooy (vocals) decided it was time to record some tracks. Having started out playing Tom Waits covers, they now strictly write their own material and pretend that they are too old to care if anyone likes it or not.

If you like what you hear, there's more on Reverbnation.


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